Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Tree Hill

I feel like everyone has one or two TV shows or movies that they may consider a guilty pleasure.  I probably have more than a few, but I like what I like, and I don't really care what anyone thinks.  One of my guilty pleasure shows is "One Tree Hill".  I am kinda of sad to see that this show is entering their last season, but at the same time I do also feel like they have had more than one "series finale" if you know what I mean.  It's kind of like LOST.  I love that show, and I will watch it over and over, but you can tell when it went from being really good, to pretty good, to "I'm going to continue to watch because I am sucked in".

I love the characters of OTH, and I have to admit that I probably am one of the few people who not only appreciated the older characters starting in season 5, but I also didn't mind seeing Payton and Lucas "drive off into the sunset".  Their relationship always got on my nerves a little.  I was a Brooke and Lucas girl myself.  (But as far as Sophia and Chad...I was team Sophia all the way)

Besides I Haley was always my favorite character in the show.  I could relate to her the best, and felt we had the most in common.  So as long as they don't kill her off, I'm still a fan.

This brings me to the reason for this rant.  I follow the OTH blog, and just read their most resent post titled: EW: ‘One Tree Hill’ has found its hit man — EXCLUSIVE
Now, I was a little concerned to find out that a hit man would be involved in the final (and did I mention short) season of OTH.  I felt that this turn of events had "Days of Our Lives" written all over it.  (Anyone remember the Salem Stalker...that freaking storyline lasted like an entire year!)  But I am a fan, and I will watch.  Afterall, I didn't think a crazy nanny would make a good storyline, and that is one of my favorite seasons!

When I googled this story however, I found a plethora of negative comments regarding OTH in its entirety.  I was a little bummed with all the negative vibes.  I mean I kinda think the show kicks ass.  Do I get teased for still watching....yeah, sometimes....but like I said, its my guilty pleasure.  And I feel like, if you don't like the show, than don't watch it.  But do you really have to hate on it??  Obviously I am not the only one with the guilty pleasure of watching, or they wouldn't have made it for nine seasons.  That's right NINE!!!  That's one more than Charmed.  (another guilty pleasure.....and I own all eight seasons) that I have shared a few of my own guilty pleasures (did I mention "Secret Life of the American Teenager"....that's a particularly embarrasing one.  As I watch I am thinking "why am I watching this??")  maybe you can share a few of yours with me.  :)