Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have never (and still don't) consider myself an "artist".  However I enjoy art-like things...they just dont turn out that good.  I do think that practice makes perfect though...I am  really enjoying my new chalkboard!

New nail stuff

So my sister-in-law got me a bunch of really cool nail tools and storage items for my birthday a few weeks ago.  Since then I have been playing a lot.  I still haven't used the Gelish Magnetic polish (I'm waiting for my nails to grow a little...they were getting too long and I clipped them real short....they just feel better short)  I will definitely do a pot on that polish...I am very curious on how it all works.

Here are a few of my recent nail designs :)

I even have friends coming over...I'm like the neighborhood nail lady LOL!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

We went Geocaching!

Today was a beautiful day for an adventure!  Chris and I finally went Geocaching.  This is something that I've wanted to try for a while, but we've always been too busy, or the weather didn't cooperate.  Today we finally got out, and even met some pretty cool people who were also looking for caches.

Our first cach was a no-go.  We looked and looked...couldn't find it anywhere!  Even when we were joined by some semi-pro geocachers...they couldn't find it either.  I was positive I found the spot where it was supposed to be, but there was nothing there.

We finally gave up on that one, and searched for a different cash.....and BINGO!  We found it!  I never thought I'd be so excited to find a container of junk before LOL.

There was a travel bug in the cash...from, get this....Chris and Rachael!  How crazy!  I left it there because I don't know that we are really to do anything more than search for caches yet.

We left our "footprint" and headed home.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon.  And a really good way to spice up a hike in the woods.

I made a Chalkboard!

Although I am not really all that crafty...I wish I was.  I found a really good chalkboard tutorial online here.  I enjoy this girls website, and she is quite crafty with her chalkboard.

I decided this would be a fun project, and it really wasn't that hard!

First you need to go shopping at your local goodwill store and get a large picture.  Make sure it has a good backing...your just going to throw away the actual picture.  So look for a frame that you like with a good sturdy back (not paper).

Throw away the picture, and paint the backing with chalkboard paint.  I got mine at JoAnn's, but you can also get the paint at Michaels, or Home Depot.

I used two coats and let it dry for an hour in-between (according to the directions).  Then you let the board dry for 24 hours before using chalk on it.

I also painted the frame to match my dining room.

All finished!  I really love the way it turned out!  What do you think?