Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Mani

My nails were SO in need of a mani!  I try to keep up with them, because I like when they are painted and manicured, but life just gets in the way sometimes.  I have to say though...I am so happy Chris got me a UV light so I could do my gel polish manicures at home.  It pays for itself in the first month or two you use it.  And yes, the polishes are pricey (about $16 each) but you can find them on sale, and I just buy one or two at a time.

I wrote a post a few years ago about doing your own gel mani's at home you can find it here.  And whats really awesome, you can use your own non-gel polish if you want, and stamp them to add a little added flare.  :)

XOXO - Rachel

Friday, March 25, 2016

Family Hike

It's so nice when I have a break from school, and I get to just be "Mommy" for a few days.  Sometimes our family time gets replaced by all the other things in our life.  The to-do list just keeps getting longer, and the things that are "wants" and not "needs" just get pushed lower and lower.  I make sure to spend time with Colton, and Chris spends tons of time with him, but we don't always spend time together as a family.

Chris and Colton will often go to the local hiking spot when I'm at work, and I've been wanting to do this as a family for weeks.  Finally, we had the day off, the beautiful weather, and the time to do it.

There is something to be said for getting a little exercise, lots of fresh air, sunshine, and some much needed family time all together.  It's just good for the soul.  We hiked for almost 3 hours, and all three of us loved every minute.  We let Colton walk the trail when it was wide and flat.  He loves to pick up every rock he can get his little hands on, and point out every bird he sees.  He wants to name everything he can, and when he doesn't know the word for it, he wants you to tell him.  

I think a couple people thought we were crazy when we took the stroller on some of these trails.  (In fact there were a few spots where I carried Colton, and Chris carried the stroller)  But really, for the most part all you need is a good stroller.  We have put ours through the ringer, and let me tell you, it - is - AWESOME!  We have taken it hiking, and really, serious hiking.  We have taken it on the beach through the deepest of sand.  We have even used in the ocean, seriously.  It's a fantastic stroller!

Rant about the stroller over :) Really, I am just happy to have been able to spend this time with my family.  And I'm even happier to have this time off school to recharge and get in some much needed cuddles with my favorite guy.

xoxo - Rachel

Monday, March 21, 2016

Oh Baby! He's TWO!

I'm about a month late in writing this, but my little baby turned 2 last month!  Seriously, how did that happen?  I literally feel like we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday.  On the other hand, I also feel like he's been a part of our lives forever.

Don't get me wrong, we have days when I can't wait for him to take a nap, or go to bed.  But most days he is so much fun!  I feel like I'm enjoying each new stage so much more than the last.  He was cute as a baby, but the toddler stage is so much fun.  He learns a new word everyday (really more like several new words now).

I'm trying to keep track of all the cuteness, but I know I'm going to forget something.

He loves to dance and sing... he has started singing along with me when I sing our "night night song")
He loves making you laugh... he'll doing something over and over as long as you keep laughing
He adores all things bunny and bear
He thinks everything is blue
He loves puzzles, cooking, and trains
He loves to sit with me as I play the piano or ukulele
He will always point out when there's two of something
He is one of the most observant kids I know... he notices everything, and will let you know when its different, or out of place
He loves spending the day with his Grammy (and we are so thankful when he does)
He is the worlds best sleeper!!!  Seriously and knock on wood a million times!

I am trying to savor every moment of our lives right now, but if our future holds anything like our past, we are in for a wonderful ride.