Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween and a Wedding

What a crazy busy weekend!  You know you've got a lot to do when you show up at a wedding rehearsal in your halloween costume LOL.  

So, this past weekend we had a halloween party to go to on Friday, and a Wedding on Saturday.  I wasn't really in the wedding, and so I wasn't planning on going to the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner.  But I needed to practice walking a flower down the aisle (yes, I'm needed to be practiced) so Chris and I had to go to the rehearsal in our Halloween costumes, and head to the party from there.

I was a cowgirl, and he was white trash LOL.  I was going to be a jester, but I didnt think the crazy Catholic Church would approve ;)

We had German folks...

and scary Zombies...

Big Ang made an appearance!

There was kick ass Dracula and some % of the American people (dumb costume...but whatev)

Elvis and a paper doll (awesome costumes...wait until you see Elvis later!)

Big Ang brought her friend Snookie, who also brought her son LOL

Our hostess for the evening; Alex from "A Clockwork Orange".
In fact that was the theme of the party.  They had the movie (very disturbing btw) playing silently on the tv, the amazing soundtrack to the movie playing, and the whole house was decorated like the milk bar.  We all had a milk bar drink when we first arrived.

Let the party start!  Bill's witches brew will knock you on your ass if your not careful!

Poison...seriously ;)

My handsome piece of trash LOL

Her boobs were a little lop-sided...they needed fixing ;)

Big Ang is getting frisky!  LOL

We won the two games of the night!  I had the most crazy Alex quotes correct, and Big Ang won the bracelet game (it was close...I was in second place, she won by one bracelet)

Elvis got fat!!!!!

And Big Ang is a guy!!!  What is the night coming to! :)

This is pretty much how the night ended ;)
Great friends, great food, great drinks, great fun! 

Next stop...a wedding!  It was my step-brother Dave's wedding.  He married a wonderful and beautiful girl, Jess.  They have been together for a while, and it was really wonderful to be a part of their special day.  They make a truly beautiful couple.


Mr. and Mrs. Britton!!!!  
Doesn't Jess just look beautiful!  So classy, and elegant, and just breath-taking!
There is something to be said for enjoying a wedding with your spouse after you are married.  I do catch myself thinking "oh, I wish I had done that.....what a wonderful idea.....that's so much better than what I did".  But I also find myself enjoying my husband.  Being so happy that we got married, and remembering our wedding day, and how wonderful it was.  Why I love him, and why I continue to fall in love with him over and over again.

And then there's my goofball of a brother who provides us with lots of laughs :)


Seriously!  How often have I seen this stupid smile!  He thinks it's hilarious LOL

Ok, so coolest best man speech EVER!!!  Not only was the speech pretty awesome, but Matt brought in a hawk to assist him.  Seriously, a hawk!


And everyone got pictures with the hawk. 
Chris didnt want a picture with the bird, I think he was scared.  Hehehe

Matt and Kristen and my little niece Lexy.  She is the most beautiful baby in the world btw :)

And this is how most of my pictures turned out.....because my camera sucks.  
I want a DSLR for Christmas, we shall see.

And this is pretty much how this night ended!  (I practicing my floating skills) 

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