Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gel Nails and Konad Stamping

So I got myself a mani and pedi last week for my sisters bachelorette party weekend...I love having my nails perfessionally done, they look so much better!!!  I got the gel nail polish... I've had it before, and I really love the they last so much longer!

Such a pretty color!!!  I got the same color on my toesies...not gel, but a matching color from OPI.
My weekend was very eventful...stripper poles and everything!  LOL!!!
Needless to say my mani got a little cracked....see my pointer and middle finger.

I got my nail stamper in the mail before I left, and I was very excited to use I wanted to see how it worked over my gel manicure.  But first I had to fix the cracks in my nails...I didn't have a color that matched exactly, but this Orly color was close...Who's Who much better!!!

I ordered my nail stamper off Amazon...I got the stamper and scraper from Konad.  I used the scraper at first...a lot of people suggested a old plastic gift card because the scraper scratches the image plates.  I didn't have any trouble with the scratching, but I do like the gift card better.  The scraper removes too much polish...personal preference.

I also ordered 3 Konad nail can try polish you have at home, and it may work depending on the design and desired look, but these are thicker and work a little better.

I ordered 25 different image plates from Bundle Monster...and the start to my nail stamping adventure was complete!!!

This was the image plate that I decided to use...I used the geometric square pattern.  You brush nail polish on the silver plate, remove the access polish with a scraper or gift card, stamp the image plate, and transfer the stamp to your nail....its really that easy.  I got it on the first trouble at all  :)

Ta-Da!!! it on the first try!!!  Yippy!!!

First color complete...I liked it, but I wanted to do I did the same design (at a different angle), I used the silver Konad polish.

Awesome!!!  But I really wanted to see how the stamp worked with the none Konad took a few tries, but I found one!  It works pretty nice with Sally Hansen 10 Day No Chip, Always Amithist (on a side note, this polish is pretty old, and does not last 10 doesn't even last 3)  The thicker the polish the better it works....that's why old polishes are a good option.

Time to clean up around the edges...

It's a pretty messy process...make sure you protect your surfaces...a small paper plate works well.  Also, make sure you clean the image plate a bit after each stamp.

 Add a top coat and you are ready to roll.  I used my trusty Seche Vite....beautiful!!!

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