Monday, June 18, 2012

Gelish home!!!

As I stated in my previous post, my lovely husband got me a UV light for my birthday!!!  I've been wanting to do my own gel nails at home for a while, and the light is the biggest expense.  I thought my starter kit would arrive a week before my polish so I went to Sally's to see if they had any polishes on sale.  They did, so I picked up 3 colors (two different greens, and a blue)

On a side note - dont go to Sally's to get Gelish stuff.  The started kit was $30 on Amazon, and $50 at Sally's.  The mini polishes I got at Sally's were on sale for $8.00, the polishes I got from Amazon were also on sale for $8.00 and they were full-sized!  So, if you don't mind waiting, and paying a little for shipping, I would highly suggest going to Amazon.

This is the light that my hunnies got me :)

My Gelish mini kit!

See what I mean...all these polishes were on sale for $8.00.  The two from Amazon were almost twice the size of the mini's!

This is the color I used for my gel manicure.  I don't usually go for green, but this is such a pretty color.

These are the four polishes that come with your kit. 
Start with clean, dry, nails.  Shape and buff before you begin the following process...
  1. First you use the ph bond, this is a thin liquid that dries your nail bed and prepares it for the gel.
  2. Next you apply the foundation.  This is a very thick formula, but it goes on smooth, make sure to apply a THIN layer...put nails under UV light (the amount of time depends on the wattage of your light).
  3. Now it's time to apply the color of your choice.  Put your nails under the light after every coat (two is usually how many you will need, depending on the polish).
  4. After you are satisfied with the color of your polish, apply the top coat.  This has the same consistency as the foundation.  Put your nails under the light for the last time.  Be very careful not to get ANY polish on your finger.  It won't hurt anything, but it starts to "lift" all your polish off your nail.  It's a learning'll get better as you go :)

When you are finished apply a bit of nail cleanser to a cotton ball and wipe all of your nails.  Lastly apply the nourish to your cuticles.  This smells so good!  And it feels good on your fingers..apply it everyday if you want!

The artificial nail remover is to remove the polish...apply a good amount to a cotton ball, place it on your nail and wrap in foil, leave on for about 15 min.  It's basically just regular nail polish remover, so when you run out, just get some at a drug store.

It took several coats to get the green the color I wanted, and I put it on a little thick, so it turned out kind of gloppy....especially my ring finger.

This is the color I put on my matched almost perfectly!!!

However I couldn't stand how my nails looked, they were so gloppy.  So the next morning I removed the green and applied a beautiful pink.  This color is called Gossip Girl, its one of their most popular polishes...and I can see why.  It's beautiful!  I made sure to apply very thin coats, and seal the end of the nail...its looks much better!  Don't you agree!!!

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