Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have never (and still don't) consider myself an "artist".  However I enjoy art-like things...they just dont turn out that good.  I do think that practice makes perfect though...I am  really enjoying my new chalkboard!

New nail stuff

So my sister-in-law got me a bunch of really cool nail tools and storage items for my birthday a few weeks ago.  Since then I have been playing a lot.  I still haven't used the Gelish Magnetic polish (I'm waiting for my nails to grow a little...they were getting too long and I clipped them real short....they just feel better short)  I will definitely do a pot on that polish...I am very curious on how it all works.

Here are a few of my recent nail designs :)

I even have friends coming over...I'm like the neighborhood nail lady LOL!