Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reverse Nail Stamping

I recently got back into nail art, and discovered the technique "reverse stamping", also known as "advanced nail stamping".   It's actually really easy, despite its name. 

There are several different techniques out there and several YouTube videos to help.  I prefer to make my design on wax paper and let it dry before applying it to your nail, kind of like a nail sticker.  I've really only tried this technique a few times, but I have found that it works best to make the design the night before.

First, pick out the plate you are going to use.  All of my plates are Bundle Monster, they are the first ones I ever used, and I really like them, so I've never bothered to try anything else.  I use Konad and Bundle Monster stampers, and an old gift card as a scraper.

Some images stamp really easy, some are tricky, some polishes stamp easier than others (even if they are designated stamping polishes), and I swear the weather also has something to do with it.  I have been known to give up on a design because stamping is just not working for me that night.
These are the two stamping polishes I'm using.  They are both Konad.  The orange one is really beautiful, but it didn't stamp the way I was hoping it would.

Next, draw a several squares on some wax paper (I know a lot of tutorials tell you to use a baggie...don't bother...just use wax paper).  Paint each square with one coat of clear polish.  When the polish is completely dry, stamp in the square.

When your stamps are completely dry, you are ready to create your nail sticker!  Now, you are working backwards so you don't have to be super neat and stay in the lines, but it will be to your advantage to keep your polish in the lines as best as you can.

I'm using a few different polishes to fill in my design.  (I actually decided later that I used too many colors...more on that later)

 I use dotting tools to fill in my designs.  I like that I have a variety of sizes depending on my needs.  You are going to want to use a very light touch, you don't want to mess up the original stamp.

This is about where I stop and leave the "stickers" to dry for the night.  They need to be completely dry before you apply them to your nail. 

When you are ready to apply your stickers, you need to prep your nails be applying a base color and letting it dry.  I use gel polish so I apply my base coat and cure, followed by one coat of color and cure.  White makes a very good base color, unless you want your base to show through.

From this point forward I suggest working on one nail at a time.  First apply a clear coat to your nail.  Then peel off your "sticker" and press it to your nail while its still wet.

Use nail polish remover (I use straight acetone) and a angled eyeliner brush to clean up the access around the nail.  Again, I suggest doing one nail at a time.  Work slowly and carefully.  I usually make a few extra stickers in case one gets messed up or rips.

Continue on the rest of your nails, and your done!!!  As you can see the images that used the green stamping polish turned out a lot better than the orange.  I think it turned out ok...its not my favorite, but I learned a lot while doing this.  I will probably be changing the polish soon.  But since I use gel polish I cant really change it too often.

Just an fyi...after I transfer all the stickers to my nails I do 2-3 coats of "Top it Off".

Like I said...I learned a few tricks after doing this last mani:
  • Make sure everything is completely dry after each step 
  • Do not scrap the original stamp when filling in...use a very light touch
  • Try to use as little polish as possible when filling in stamp, just enough to cover.
  • If your original stamp isn't thick enough your whole sticker isn't going to turn out (see orange nails)
  • Sometimes less is more...dont use too many different colors :)

I used my own advice and played with a few other stamping plates and colors.  I think I'm getting the hang of this!!!