Monday, September 26, 2011

Go Sally Go!!!

So I decided to try Sally Hansen's Salon Effects. I have to admit, I've seen them in the drug stores for a while now, but they looked like they couldn't possibly work....I mean they just look like stickers, and on top of that they are $10!!! I wasn't really willing to spend my money on something that wasn't going to work.

But then I came across a few reviews for the product - it was weird....was not looking for that at all - anyhoo, the product had raving reviews....almost everyone (who wasn't a moron) loved this product!!! And said that it really does last 10 days....or more! So I decided to give them a try....and wouldn't you know they happen to be on sale! Super!!! I got the gold ones with the black lace and also a pair of silver with cobwebs for Halloween. So far I am really pleased. They went on relatively easy, and I could have actually cut them in half and gotten two uses out of the box....oh well, next time. I will keep you updated on my new find....let you know how it works out :)

BTW I got my new Sporty Watch in the mail on Saturday!!! One week and only $12 for a brand new watch....seriously awesome!! I also started a referral program where you can earn free jewelry! Check it out
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