Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Month in Costa Rica

This summer Chris, Colton, and I were lucky enough to spend an entire month in Costa Rica.  It was by far one of the most wonderful experiences EVER!  We all loved every minute and did not want to come home.  So many wonderful memories and experiences.

Our condo was located in Ocotal, Costa Rica near Coco Beach.

We visited several different beaches while we were there.  We wanted to experience as much of Costa Rica as possible.

During our first week we checked out a local zoo.  Which was more of a animal rescue turned tourist attraction.  They actually had a lot of really cool activities, but there is only so much you can do with a toddler.

Meet Len, the adorable baby howler monkey.

The roads in Costa Rica are no joke.  On our way to the beach we had to stop for a cow crossing, and two bulls were fighting in the middle of the road.

But beautiful!

This is the best stroller!  We got the Graco Relay Jogging Stroller.  It was seriously bad ass!  We could literally drive it through the ocean!

Colton took to the beach right away.  He loved every minute of it!  From the sand, to the water, and especially finding cool shells to collect.

So beautiful!

If this isn't a boy who loves the beach, I don't know what!

There were iguanas EVERYWHERE!

Cute beach hair is a must :)

Our little boy has his fathers fair skin, and this stroller is not only 50 uv protection, but it comes down really low.  That was a quality that I had a lot of trouble finding in a jogging stroller.  It also has a 70 pound weight limit, so my little chunk will be able to use it for a while.  And it is damn sturdy!

Unfortunately Colton want allowed in the pool at our condo (all children had to be potty trained), but he was still able to enjoy this adorable little baby pool!

We did have a bit of a scary encounter involving several hungry monkeys.  

A troop of howler monkeys catching a mid day nap.

We drove an hour to see the sunset over the water, and it was so beautiful!

We all miss Costa Rica...cant wait to go back!