Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love God, Love People, Serve the World

The title of this entry is the title of the new sermon series at my new church.  It is also the theme of the entire church.  Up until recently I have attended the same church I was baptized in.  I grew up in that church, and my mom and I were a part of the church choir.

Through a lot of praying and soul searching I decided I needed to look for a new church to call home.  A wonderful co-worker of mine suggested the church that she is a part of.  I have been attending that church for a few months now, and I sang with the Halleluia Chorus at Christmas.  Today I decided to take the leap and join this new church.  I also made a commitment to join the choir as a regular member.

My husband and I (he is sooooo wonderful) attended a Welcome class today after the regular service.  They provided us with a new Bible, written in a more "friendly" language.  The bible I currently own has not been open very often (I am ashamed to say), it is very "pretty" if you know what I'm talking about.  This new bible is going to get read, and highlighted, and worn with use.

I am very excited for this new path I am on.  I think it is going to bring a lot of wonderful things to my life, and I hope to be a wonderful part of someone else's life through this new church.  I feel like God has been pushing me to make a change for a while now, and I was too afraid.  Now that I have made the leap I can see all the wonderful new adventures that are going to be a part of this new path.

Love God, Love People, Serve the World!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Trip to Chopstix

This evening my husband and I broke our Chopstix cherries.  We are both a fan of chinese food, and sushi, but had never been to Chopstix.  I have been wanting to try it for sometime, I have heard loads off wonderful things about this place, and the reviews online are also awesome.

The hubby and I stayed in last night, and so we decided we would go out tonight instead.  It works in our favor that we are not football fans.  When we go out during the game, places that don't have a very big bar are usually not very busy.  And so we headed to Chopstix...I for one was very exited!

I got a lot of different recommendations and suggestions of food from different people.  The menu is very extensive.  Chris and I decided to go with the "big meal".  With this you get your choice of soup, two pieces of shrimp toast, two crap wontons, and an entree.  I have never had soup from a chinese place, so I decided to try the hot and sour soup, and Chris got the Chicken wonton soup.  My soup was only ok...I didn't even eat half of it...honestly I wasn't really sure what was in it, and so I wasn't really eager to scarf it down. 

The crab wontons were amazing!  And I know my wontons...they are a favorite of Chris and myself.  We get them almost every time we get chinese food.  I enjoyed the shrimp toast, Chris was not a fan.  Needless to say, the "big meal" idea was a good one, but we will not be doing that combo next time.

Next came our sushi (which did not come with our big meal...but we couldn't not try the sushi!)  The Baltimore Roll was recommended to me by my friend Ashley, so that's what I got.  Chris got the Ninja Roll.  The Baltimore Roll was good, but Chris's Ninja Roll was better.  It was quite tasty in fact.  It was topped with salmon...I love Salmon!

By the time our meals arrived, we already knew we would be needing two boxes.  I think I ate two bites of my sweat and sour shrimp (two very yummy bites btw).  Chris got Kung Pao Chicken....he likes his food very spicy.  He said the chicken had a good flavor, but it was a little more on the sweet side than the spicy.  He likes it more spicy than sweet.

We really enjoyed our dinner at Chopstix, we will be going back soon to try a few new things.  The service was amazing, the atmosphere comfortable, and all over a good experience.  

Plus, they had this really cool ship in the lobby!