Saturday, March 11, 2017


So about 2 months ago I tried Thrive by Le-Vel....and my life changed.  No changed!
A co-worker, and fellow teacher of mine sells Thrive.  I looked into it once or twice, and saw her posts about it, but I was honestly turned off by the price.  Plus the fact that I have tons of "products" around the house that I started, but never finished because they did work, or I couldn't stick to the system.

Around Christmas time Colton stopped being a rockstar sleeper.  (Looking back I think it was a combination of nightmares, teeth, and just getting older and more aware)  Nevertheless, Chris and I stopped getting a good nights sleep.  It got so bad that we both began to feel physically sick.

We have since solved all Colton's sleep issues, and hes back to being an awesome sleeper.  But while in my sleep deprived state, my co-worker wrote a post on Facebook about how much energy she had even though she got up at 3am, and how she didn't need a nap, and even did some cleaning.

I walked into her room the next day and said "okay, I'm ready, tell me more".  She told me all about Thrive, and offered me a trial.  I actually held onto the trial for a few days before even opening it.  I just didn't think it was going to work....I mean, how could it?

I finally decided that a Monday would be a good time to try the "next best thing".  I got all set up the night before...put my capsules next to me bed with some water, set out my DFT patch, and made sure my Blender Bottle was clean and ready.

I still had coffee on day 1 and 2...I was stubborn, and I LOVED coffee.  But even with the coffee, I felt the difference on day ONE.  I had WAY more energy in the morning than I usually do.  And it wasn't just energy, I was awake.  Emotionally, physically, mentally awake.  

By the end of the day I still felt good, like really good.  I went home and got in a great workout.  Then I played with Colton, and even let him stay up late because we were having so much fun!
Once I gave up the coffee, I felt even better...cleaner if that makes sense.

Thrive has a fantastic customer referral program.  When Steph (my Thriving co-worker, and now BEST FRIEND!) gave me my trial she told me that I could Thrive for free if I referred two people and they bought a month.....I found my two people before my trial was even over.

My body did go through a detox period....I felt a little sluggish occasionally, went to the bathroom a little more, was really thirsty.  But even with the detox, this was the best I had felt in a long long time.  I wanted to be a part of this company, I wanted to do more than find my two people for free product.

- By day 3 I was a promoter.
- By day 14 I reached over $4,000 in sales and hit all 4 possible bonuses bringing in a very nice chunk of cash and credits for product.

My second week into Thrive I started sleeping better, more soundly and restfully.  I actually don't need as much sleep as I used to.  I often wake up BEFORE my alarm every morning.  I have a sense of calm that I didn't before.  And I'm less snarky.  I didn't even realize I was such a negative person, until I wasn't.  I'm just happier....and you cant put a price on that.

I still have days where I have less energy than others.  But usually that's on days where I don't do much.  Sometimes I need my Thrive energy to last a little longer (like until Colton is fast asleep), then I'll drink their "Activate", it re-activates your Thrive for the long days.  I also add "Boost" to my morning shake for added greens.  

Last week I won a raffel I was entered because I hit the 4k level.  I won 2 Michael Kors purses!  Not only is this company fantastic, but my personal team is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

I have seriously never felt better than I have these last few weeks.  The is the best thing I've ever done for my body, my mind, and my family.  There are so many different ways that Thrive is having a positive impact on peoples lives.  So many people have messaged me saying how wonderful they feel....their headaches are gone, they can clean the house AND play with their children, their back doesn't hurt anymore, the bloating is gone.  And so much more.

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UPDATE: It has been over 6 months and I am still Thriving.  I feel even better now than I did at the beginning!  I've also hit the 12K rank in the company earning me a CAR BONUS!!!!!  What What!  The is the absolute best decision I've ever made, for myself, my health, and my family.  :)